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Land Use, Zoning and Development

Melville Law assists landowners, developers and business owners in applications for land use and zoning approvals and in negotiating and documenting various debt and equity financing vehicles. Mr. Melville has experience with many different types of land entitlement and related processes from the regional level of sector plans and developments of regional impact to local land use amendments, rezoning, planned unit developments, site plans, conditional or special uses and platting. His efforts in the land use arena have resulted in savings to clients of well  over $1mm in impact fees and property taxes via credits and rebates. He earned a Master of Arts in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Florida concurrently with his law degree, and has been a student of growth management and land use planning in Florida ever since. He is very familiar with the people, processes and politics which influence land use and zoning decisions in many localities around Florida and at the state level. 

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